Why Choose Egghead Tutors & Coding?

  • 100% Live Instruction – we actively teach your child the entire time
    • students do not watch pre recorded videos…
  • 25+ years of trust and experience in successfully teaching children
  • Small class sizes – your child has fewer distractions. Our focus is your child.
  • Personalization – lessons tailored for your child’s individual learning style.
    • the most effective method to reach their goal of academic excellence will be provided
  • Flexible Scheduling – learning happens when it’s most convenient for your family.
  • Resources – we have access to the latest coding content and state curriculum.
  • Certified educators
    • 90% of our instructors and tutors have advanced degrees and have teaching certifications
    • Unlike many other providers, we do not hire students to teach other students
    • Instructors must pass rigorous background checks

Check out our Scratch coding classes for kids!

Even though we are all about creativity, innovation, and teamwork, we are also about personality! Coding is a great way to socialize and make friends with similar interests while having fun and learning important skills. Let’s be honest, children these days are more tech-savvy than most of their parents! Our coding classes provide children a logical way of thinking, increases their cognitive development, and enhances their problem solving ability. As with learning any new language or new skill, the earlier the better!

Egghead? Definition: (noun) a very studious and academic person; an intellectual!

All our classes are carefully designed for your children and further reflect the capabilities of the individual children enrolled. Our classes are fun, engaging, and interactive. We place a strong importance on personal achievement and growth and teach your children that there is no such thing as impossible!