Python Coding – Why Choose Us?

  • 100% Live Instruction – we actively teach your child the entire time
    • students do not watch pre recorded videos…
  • 25+ years of combined experience – your child is paired with expert certified computer science instructors
  • Small class sizes – your child has fewer distractions. Our focus is your child.
  • Personalization – lessons tailored for your child’s individual learning style.
  • Flexible scheduling – learning happens when it’s most convenient for you.
  • Resources – we’ve created the most effective curriculum and use the latest Scratch version

Python Coding Classes:

Intermediate to advanced students will transition from block coding, which they learned in Scratch, to the text-based industry standard language of Python. Compared to many other programming languages, Python has a simpler syntax, similar to the English language, which helps explain its growing popularity. Python is versatile language used in Data Science, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation, Graphic Design, and Gaming. Python has wide ranging applications from medical research to even NASA.

No wonder is the fastest growing programming language!

Python is great programming language for kids and it is easy to set-up at home. Our coding classes will teach your children how to use functions, loops, collision detection, game logic, and much more. Your child will build an entire game from beginning to end using Python code. In addition, our classes will also help your child’s academic performance by developing their critical thinking skills and problem solving ability.

Technical requirements:

  • Our coding software is web based so you will NOT need to install or download any CODING software for the class.
  • A computer (Windows, Mac or Chromebook) with internet access.
    • No iPad/ Android tablets as they do not support coding projects with keyboard actions.
  • We use ZOOM to share our projects in real time. It’s simple to setup.
    • You will be emailed a custom Zoom link and simple setup instructions prior to the class.

Python – Level 1

Recommended age: 11 – 18
Recommended Prerequisite: Scratch

Students take their first dive into Python coding, a feature-packed programming language that is fast becoming the computer language of choice. Your children will learn how to animate and draw with Python turtle graphics, create intricate fractal patterns, build their own story projects, and create logic based games. Your children will learn to use Python syntax, animation techniques, conditionals, loops, and variables. Students are also introduced to a range of data structures such as strings, arrays, and lists. By the end of this course, students should have the ability to independently write simple programs and games in Python.

Python – Level 2

Recommended age: 11 – 18
Prerequisite: Python Level 1

In this second Python class, Students take a deeper dive into Python coding adding to the skills they learned from our introductory Python Class. Your children will learn fundamental Python skills by building creative stories, more complex animations, and creating graphical arcade games. Your children will learn to use functions, lists, Booleans, recursive algorithms, artificial intelligence, game physics, and built-in data structures. You children should leave having a strong Python foundation and be able to successfully create more advanced Python applications and games in the future!

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8 weeks (1 hr/week):

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