K-8 Tutoring

We offer individualized support to make distance learning effective, keep students on track, and make the lives of parents a lot less stressful.

We use only highly credentialed tutors – 90% hold a Master’s degree or above! We do not trust just anyone with your kids, besides rigorous background checks, our tutors have to score in the top 3% in the independent academic tests we give them before we even consider them.

Studies have shown that students who fall behind in math or reading during elementary school tend to fall even further behind throughout middle school and high school. That’s why it’s important to address any academic weaknesses — or enhance strengths — early on with excellent tutoring. In middle school, students develop lasting academic and life skills that will prepare them for high school and beyond. Our tutors and program directors will help your child with time management skills, personal organization, and to develop strong study habits. Students who are at or behind grade level benefit from our individualized approach to tutoring, gaining fundamental skills in reading, writing, and math.

Will school be “enough” for your child this fall?

Whether your child’s school is staying online, going to split schedules, or adopting hybrid learning formats, one thing is certain: the system’s lack of structure and support will set your child back, and we’re here to help. Students don’t fall behind all at once. It happens a little every day. Eggheadtutors breaks the cycle of missed concepts that lead to low test scores. We actively teach your child the entire time, we do not use any pre recorded videos… Students get the help they need to keep moving forward on the road toward college and career success.

Eggheadtutors offers live interactive online tutoring sessions with certified tutors at affordable prices. Whether your student needs extra one-on-one support to master a particular topic or wants to excel in a subject of interest, our experienced tutors employ effective teaching methods and expertise to match your child’s particular needs and help them meet their goals.

What We Offer:

Personalized SupportExpert Tutors OnlyVirtual Learning
The needs of each student are unique and so are the programs we offer. Each student gets a personalized plan focusing on what they need and adapting as their needs change. Our tutors are available during regular school days as well as extended hours, including late night and weekend sessions to fit your student’s schedule.90% hold a Master’s degree or above. Our tutors have to score in the top 3% in the independent tests we give them in the subjects we offer before we even consider them. They also undergo ongoing training while at Egghead Tutors. Our tutors are experts in their content and use creative and innovative teaching methods. We value the importance of personal relationships and face-to-face interactive and engaging Zoom sessions. Live tutoring sessions allow discussion and screen sharing to help your student engage with their work and make real progress.

Our Goal:

Subject SupportBuilding Life SkillsBuilding Potential
Individually designed sessions to help students master:
• Math
• Science
• Social Studies

Our tutors help:
• Improve study habits
• Personal organization
• Time management skills
• Set challenging goals
• Create plans
• Self-evaluate progress
Children who learn to harness self-motivation and willpower at an early age tend to outperform their peers into adulthood.

Pricing and Schedule

1 on 1 Individual Attention:

Our tutors are available during regular school days as well as extended hours, including late night and weekend sessions to fit your student’s schedule.

Sessions can be tailored to maximize your child’s success (30 minute sessions, 60 minute sessions, variable number times per week)

Group classes / Learning Pods also available:

Contacts us to find out more about parent-organized virtual group / sibling discount options for up to four students at a time

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