Scratch Level 2:


8 weeks – 1 hr/week
Recommended age: 7 – 15
Recommended Prerequisite: Scratch Level 1

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Class Description

Join our second, more advanced online Scratch coding class for kids. Children typically go from Scratch Level 1 to Scratch Level 2. This class consists of more sophisticated software coding projects, which students develop using the block-based programing language developed by MIT. Students apply more complex concepts such as: functions, nested loops, recursive algorithms, booleans, and artificial intelligence. Our small class sizes allow instructors to closely guide students and also keep them appropriately challenged. Students create their own versions of fun dynamic video games such as Pacman, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Floppy Bird, Crossy Road, platform games, and other interactive animated projects. Scratch classes prepare students for our advanced text-based classes such as a Java and Python.

Scratch Level 2: